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Thai Yoga Bodywork Immersion – Christopher Massey

February 26, 2011

Christopher Massey

Thai Yoga Bodywork Immersion
In this 2 hour Intro I will be sharing techniques that date back to the first Budda.  Thai bodywork is relatively new to modern spas, but it was actually developed by Buddhist monks in Thailand as a healing modality 2,500 years ago. Thai bodywork uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balance the body’s energy systems. Thai bodywork is both deeply relaxing and energizing.

Thai bodywork takes place on a mat on the floor.  You start by laying on your back and the bodyworker uses gentle compression and stretching techniques to open up your body, beginning with your legs. Some people say Thai bodywork is a little like doing yoga without any effort because the bodyworker will push your body into various positions without any work on your part. This is great for all of us object manipulators to help each other out.

Please wear clothing that you will be comfortable stretching in.  Bring a blanket or pad as well as a pillow and a friend.

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