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Happy Happy James

Happy Happy James

We are super-excited to welcome DJ Happy Happy James! Can you say Dance Party at Immersion?? Well, we can. And we know that HHJ can too! Here’s what he’s all about…

Happy Happy James World is literally all over the map. From Tribal and Middle Eastern fusion to Hip Hop, from Cabaret to Swing, from the dopest Breaks to Dubstep, he has spent the last 27 years collecting only the most inspiring music from just about every genre and mixes them together to create an unforgettable experience.

He has a dedicated following of Circus folks, Hoopers and fire spinners that almost always end up performing some of their magic at his shows.

Go ahead and like his Facebook page here.

Go ahead and give your ears a treat here.

He’s also co-creator (along with Ciara Blossom) of Spunlight Hoops , an Austin-based duo creating playfulness in the world!

Dungeons & DJs

Dungeons & DJs

Existing in the age of exploration is not without it’s dangers. Enemies from within and without the known world are rising up at every turn to plague one another in battle and intrigue. Longtime rivals war with one another in conflicts fueled by greed while fiends and savages lurk on the borders of the map picking off the unwary explorers and settlers who are blind to the peril. Still, despite the darkness at the edges of the map and abroad, Dungeons & Dj’s have enacted their Campaign; a team of elite men, paragons of their own nations, who are charged with the mission of protecting the known world at all cost, and doing the damn thing all night long…………Epic Booty/Experimental/Roots/Electronic/Bass/Soul/Riddim/Funk/Gypsy

Hear them on Soundcloud

And on Mixcloud

and there’s always Myspace

and finally, Facebook


Interstellar Transmissions

Interstellar Transmissions

Saturday 8:30 – 10 pm

Carnivalesque Shamanic Tribal Rock Fusion

Blending exotic sacred healing scales and frequencies with dynamic fast changing, primal rhythms Interstellar Transmissions takes you on an epic journey of the soul that encompasses a vast spectrum of emotional depth, magic, excitement and color.

“Interstellar Transmissions” hailing from Austin, Texas is the new answer to the void in modern, rock fusion. Similar in soundscape to giants like The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Yes, Rush, Pink Floyd & Mars Volta, “Interstellar Transmissions” isn’t just making music to tap your feet to. This savant power collaboration of composers build triumphant arias covering all ranges of emotion and sound. Complex yet refined, IT takes you wherever your mind needs to go in that moment and reminds your soul HOW TO BREATHE again. -J.Maman / Detroit, Mi (Power Mountain)

Check em’ on


Loose Leaf

Friday Night

Loose Leaf



King Fish

Katfish Music presents King Fish, a harmonious duet of eclectic musicians hailing from the Northeast United States.    They embody a folk/swing sound with a unique touch of world music and melodic intrigue.  A plethora of instruments including the Guitar, Upright Bass, Mandolin, Violin, Banjo, and Djembe are among those that you will hear while immersed in play!  Lead Singer and guitarist Katerina Korolov and Bass player Daniel Grip will present two Playshops, “Playing to Music” and “Painting to Music”.  Take this opportunity to combine all of your senses in testament to the power of Play, whether you are fully ensconced in your toys or simply listening. Get ready to hear an intriguing mixture of olde world, international, jazz style and newly composed folk music to expand your musical experience!

king fish

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