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Entry Fee

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Recreation Plantation Campground Trees

Recreation Plantation

So what’s the deal with the entry fee, you ask?


The Recreation Plantation requires every single person who comes through the gate to pay a one-time $25.00 entry fee. It’s how they can keep this great space open and available for events like this!  It’s kind of like paying an admission fee to an amusement park or a fair.

These ticket prices DO NOT include the Recreation Plantation entry fee.

Every living, breathing, playful person is asked to pay a one-time $25.00 entry fee. (cash only at the gate)

This includes children and that’s why we decided that Kids under 9 play at Immersion for FREE.

We know that it’s kind of weird to have an additional charge, but we wanted to keep check-in easy as pie. If we collected the fee ahead of time there would be lists and names and it’s just more to keep track of (there’s enough already). We hope you understand and if you happen to know of a nice place for 2012, please let us know! (and just so you know, we have to pay the fee too!)

Register for PLAY Immersion Texas in Dripping Springs, TX  on Eventbrite

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