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At PLAY Immersion, we believe the focus should be on inspired playfulness, not commerce. With that said, we do recognize that buying, selling and trading for new toys is a way of playing too! So we thought we’d make it even more fun and have a Community Bazaar.

So here is the vending policy.

1. Please, there is no selling stuff at the individual play spaces or during classes at anytime during the weekend.

2. Sellers and seekers can gather for two hours each on Saturday and Sunday to buy, sell or trade what they’ve got at the Community Bazaar. Everyone is welcomed to join in. Bring a blanket and some food to share.  A really fun way to trade out, get rid of or acquire some toys, costuming, books or other fun stuff.  Learn more here.

Now there is one exception to this.  Us.  Try Out Toys will be open most of the weekend because the funds we get from selling our toys helps support the PLAY Immersion vision!

Thanks…and if you want to check out more about The Bazaar.

Shiny Gem Spheres

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