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Shreiber’s Farm is a private 400 acre farm.  It is a very beautiful and peaceful place.   When we were there last year, so many people had wonderful experiences just enjoying the farm.  I’s a very welcoming place and we are thrilled to return again this year.

Weather for this time of year is very nice, highs in the mid-80s and lows at night in the mid 60s.  It is thunderstorm season, so be prepared for rain.

There are no facilities.  Not even electric.  All lights and sound will be run by solar power or fire so come prepared to charge your electronics by car.

We’d like to thank Christine and Rich, owners of Solar Jam Productions,  for doing what they do to support and create green energy.  They’ll help us turn that solar goodness into power for lights and music!

Some General Info

  • Bring your tickets and id to check in.
  • It is a bring your own everything and take your own everything out event. Please Leave No Trace.
  • Please make sure to bring enough food and water for you to stay energized and hydrated.
  • To encourage non-disposable stuff, please feel free to use the dish washing and composting station.
  • Bring your tent…there’s nothing like sleeping in a tent on a lovely early summer night! Or, sleep in your car. Or your bus. Or your hammock.
  • Rv/trailer are welcomed, but there are no water & electric hook ups. Please avoid running noisy generators.
  • Even though they are lovable, please leave your pets at home. Contact Us if you travel full time with your pet.
  • Classes and Play Spaces are commerce-free zones.
  • Come prepared to charge your phones by car or bring many batteries.
  • Please, no individual campfires. We’ll have one going in the Center of it all.
  • Closed grills are okay.
  • Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Respect and Kindness for the land and each other are encouraged and expected.

Please consider these tips for a cleaner Immersion:

Carpooling is fun! Explore opportunities here.
Bring larger water bottles and fill up some smaller ones to take with you.
Avoid bringing food that spoils easily and/or is individually wrapped.
Think reusable before you buy disposable!
Bring bags for garbage AND recycling.
Avoid Styrofoam coolers.
Smokers – please put your butts in the trash or carry a container for them.
Consider borrowing stuff.  If buying, ask if you really need it?

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